We are made of light

I was ill, very ill. As I lay in the afternoon dark, I had a vision, a kind of waking dream:

I was an observer on a dark plain, or plane, in perfect velvet darkness stretching away in solid blackness in every direction. I was the observer.
Then a tiny light appeared, dancing, mutiplying, entwining, creating. I saw. The light became through these movements an infinitely vast web or net stretching across the universe. And that web was the web of life, of material existence as we know it through our senses. I understood.

What did I know from this?

You have been given this life, this embodiment in a mantle of light, to act as a purifying filter.

Your tools for discovering your mission are myriad: meditation or stillness or contemplation or prayer or trance: however you arrive there, whatever path you travel, when you arrive at that place you will know it this way: You know you are connected with your true self and powered  and empowered by perfect love and joy.

When you love, you feed all creation. When you feel the resonance of the supersoul’s creative, unconditional love you will know your life’s purpose in service to your soul and the All-soul, connectedness to your soul family, the unity and oneness of all.

If your own individuated soul seeks guidance, call on higher self, learn from those Mahātmas (Great Souls) who have gone this path before you. You know their names – the world’s major religions are based on the teachings of some – schools of spiritual enquiry, philosophy, yoga, meditation, mysticism are based on the life’s work of others! But there is – not one path – there are as many paths to enlightenment as there are seekers on the quest.

You are uniquely you and at the same time totally at one with all. You have the potential of the whole universe within you!  Anyone who says they have the only or best path for you is full of ego, and possibly greed. Listen to your truth by finding techniques to still your ego, your overactive mind – and listen – to your inner voice.

It is all in you. The knowledge you seek is a song resonating deep within, permeating your whole being. Listen.

You are a being of light and have layers of being, physical and subtle energies that relate to the very structure of the supersoul of the whole. To go beyond our egoic perceptions of our one little individuated life, beyond the material, the illusion and delusions of material concerns, the psychological pain, we must not only connect with our higher self, but connect with our world with love and compassion, act in our world to alleviate suffering.

You yourself are a radiant being, resonating the frequencies of love. The more you broadcast the stronger that frequency signal becomes, the more spiritual resources you will have at your command from your very beingness.

Go beyond doing, learn to be all you are. The one undying, immense cosciousness, magnifying Love.